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A librarian by trade, Leann has applied her love of both books and Halloween to produce this title.  Her annual Halloween displays are based on themes and have been delighting family and friends for more than 25 years.  The Twelve Days of Halloween is a natural to share in picture book form.  She lives in the perfect “Halloween House” with her husband, two cats, and way too many Halloween decorations and costumes.

Alais Fortier-Meyer is a Wisconsin based artist and illustrator.  She enjoys creating a variety of art, and very handily lives just around the corner from Leann.  She and her family also happen to love Halloween!


Join True Ghoul as she embarks upon a mission to provide twelve days of spooky and spectacular gifts, pre-Halloween!  Whooo doesn’t need 10 owls hoot-hooting?  With a lively text you can read (or sing), it will enchant all ages with its clever Halloween twists.


The Twelve Days of Halloween , story by Leann Schwandt Lehner, illustrations by Alais Fortier-Meyer.

Print ISBN: 978-1-7374935-0-1   $21.95

Ebook ISBN:  978-1-7374935-1-8   $1.99

30 p.  25 color illustrations  Published by Oh Really Darling, August 2021.

Juvenile Fiction, Holidays, Seasonal, Halloween

Where to buy:  Independent booksellers and retailers;  online retailers such as,,,; Ingram wholesaler.

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Media Release  August 27, 2021


“What’s a True Ghoul to do?   Twelve days of Halloween gifts must be selected and sent, all before the big day. “


The Twelve Days of Halloween by Leann Schwandt Lehner, with illustrations by Alais Fortier-Meyer, is now available in both hardcover and ebook formats.

The True Ghoul gathers her magic to complete the sending of twelve spooky and spectacular gifts, sometimes with the help of previous days’ gifts.  This twist on a familiar tune will have everyone singing along as they anticipate the next day of multiple…somethings?

Lehner has always enjoyed the Halloween holiday, decorating her home for more than 25 years with elaborate themed displays.   This theme was a display at her home in 2014.  “It really begged to be turned into a book” she said.

“We had the most fun doing this book, as both of us love Halloween” Lehner said. “We very much hope to collaborate on future titles.”




“Well-written and appealing to all ages.”

—Jennie J. Stoltz, Librarian/blogger/writer

“The Twelve Days of Halloween is a delightful gem…with a lively text and illustrations that draw you in.”

—-Connie Meyer, librarian/former children’s librarian